Entertaining family & friends

Whether its setting the mood or creating the perfect setting, nothing says it more than a floral table arrangement. Its always a classic, big statement piece above the head or just little accent. When the flower is open a bit is the arrangement is at its best, that is why I always try and set up a day prior so the flowers can settle.


Daytime events and outdoor parties with sunlight allow for light and pastel flower arrangements while artificial light and dark evening events demand strong colours.


The low arrangement is a very common floral demand. It can meet any budget and occasion. Also, can be used in any venue, any budget, any size! Long ones are preferred yet smaller ones can be made for smaller tables.


Height is always a favorite in any kind of event including weddings. Its dramatic look is classic, formal and elegant. Using one type of flower makes tall floral arrangements look more impressive, also making it more cost effective.


Creations of different styles of bouquets are my speciality, depending on the clients request. Personality and styles and type of flower. The technique is the same in any arrangement, yet it’s the choice of material that will make the bouquet more structured.

Repeat Design

When placing a collection of custom floral arrangements designs together, it creates a vogue effect. Repetition gives longer visual moment therefor making a stronger visual impact.

Pink Flowers

One of my favorites colors, along with white creams for assorted flowers and popular bouquets arrangements. Some of my favorite flowers are pink peonies, garden roses and sweet peas, just to name a few. Pinks have a wide variety of shades from strong fuchsia to the softest palette of pastel pink.

White Flowers

White is the color chosen by most for a special occasion. Its purity and integrity has marked it place in weddings. Calla Lilies being my favorite flower are white and used in most weddings. They are also used for funerals.


Christmas holiday, being one of the best times of the year, it’s definitely one of our busiest times. Everyone is enjoying the festivities during this holiday. Christmas has lots to offer with plenty of events, lavish parties and traditional gatherings. Decorating for the Christmas holiday is one of my ultimate favourites. I enjoy setting up all the beautiful huge reefs on top of businesses, at homes, massive garlands wrapping client’s banisters and Christmas trees of all shapes, colours, and sizes. Whether it’s setting up the front store window of shops or the reception of an office, we have all the decorations needed at any budget for any client.


This is the bride’s most special day of their life, most of the time. That is why I like to meet any budget, big or small to make any clients dreams a reality. Whether you have a long ballroom table or sweetheart table, we can make any table dressed with floral to make your wedding the most specials and memorable event of your life.

Chair Backs

Little bouquets can be added to the back of the chairs, or can be hung at the church or venue or simply have a floral runner on the ground or at the ceremony.

Bridal Bouquets

These are the stars of the wedding flower and should reflect the style and personality of the bride as well as compliment her shape and dress. Let us guide you with the different types of styles of bouquets for your special event.


Always a classic, the boutonnieres makes any man style. Boutonnieres for the man match by the wristlet for the lady. Corsages can be pinned on the hat, dress, or simply worn on the arm for any age and any occasion. Our boutonnieres, corsages and wristlet are custom made to match your dress or suit. No two corsages boutonnieres or wristlets that are the same.

The Essential Techniques

Designing with flowers fall under two distinct categories; Florist and Flower arranging. The key is to not only know technical techniques but to have style. Only a true artist can make a clients dream a reality. Trust us for all your floral decorating and event need statistician guaranteed.